StickerTalk® Brand Camera Dots Webcam Lens And LED Light Cover Privacy Stickers


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[53x] Black Camera Dots Webcam Lens And LED Light Cover Privacy Stickers

One sheet of 53 Camera Dots.  Each dot provides extra privacy and protection as a webcam cover. These thirty two 1/4 in dots and twenty one 3/8 dots are designed to cover the lens of your smartphone, PC, or tablet camera or webcam. Also made to alleviate the annoying little lights that shine at bed time!  They are printed on vinyl using solvent based inks.  You can remove one to take a picture and then stick it back on several times before it needs replacement.  These camera dots are awesome for protecting your privacy against malicious hackers.

Premium Quality Stickers:

All of our stickers are printed on high quality name brand vinyl using name brand solvent based inks.  These inks are scratch resistant, UV resistant and waterproof.  But we take quality a step further.  We laminate every sticker with an extra layer of UV resistant PVC.  Most other online sellers skip this step because it takes time and is costly.  But since your satisfaction is our #1 priority we go to these extra lengths to produce what we believe are the best stickers available.  We even guarantee it.

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