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The Coffee Controversy

The Coffee Controversy An energizing beverage often found at the epicenter of exhausting endeavors and early morning rituals, coffee has constantly been the subject of dispute. Ethiopian shepherds first stumbled upon coffee beans in 800 A.D., and the drink soon waxed popular among members of the Muslim faith. This trend sparked outrage in the Catholic […]

From Candles to Critters, Groundhog Day Continues to Thrill

From Candles to Critters, Groundhog Day Continues to Thrill While most people are familiar with the concept of Groundhog Day, this quirky holiday springs from often unsung origins. America’s initial Groundhog Day was celebrated on February 2, 1887; however, this day was the culmination of centuries of culture and tradition. Groundhog Day traces its origins […]

The Percheron’s Prestige

The Percheron’s Prestige Author Pam Brown once stated, “A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.” While all horse breeds offer humanity unequaled companionship and strength, the Percheron breed proves especially unique. The predecessors of […]

How Will the Latest Change in Postage Rate Affect Me?

How Will the Latest Change in Postage Rate Affect Me? Here at StickerTalk, we pride ourselves on offering premium quality products to our customers at an affordable price, offering free standard shipping on both foreign and domestic orders. However, due to the United States Postal Service’s rate alterations set to take effect on January 21, […]

The StickerTalk Explores National Blood Donor Month

The StickerTalk Explores National Blood Donor Month The month of January plays host to an assorted array of holidays; while celebrations such as New Years and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day seem to dominate the month, January additionally serves as National Blood Donor Month. An observance primarily sponsored by the American Red Cross, National Blood […]

The Humble Hibiscus

The Humble Hibiscus Known for its physical beauty and unique flavor, the hibiscus has earned a decorated pedestal in an assorted array of cultures. While the average American typically limits the hibiscus’s significance to that of an exotic garden ornament, this unique flower wields much more importance in other lifestyles. African medicinal tradition claims that […]

The Great StickerTalk Escape

The Great StickerTalk Escape After years of diligent dedication, StickerTalk finally realized the dream of owning an inventory consisting of over 10,000 unique and premium quality products. Today, the team took a break from making our world-renowned stickers to celebrate this tremendous accomplishment, focusing the enthusiasm and energy typically harnessed into craftsmanship on the task […]

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