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The StickerTalk Celebrates International Jazz Day

The StickerTalk Celebrates International Jazz Day On April 30 musicians around the world will celebrate International Jazz Day. A truly unequalled musical genre, jazz invites listeners of all backgrounds to immerse themselves in its rich harmonies and unusual rhythms. Jazz’s unique flair can be traced to the style’s origins. The genre was born when slaves […]

Bodacious Bowling

Bodacious Bowling The sport of bowling, both engrossing and exacting in nature, boast a lengthy role in culture and entertainment. According to an archeological discovery made during the 1930s, Ancient Egyptians may have been the first bowlers. The sport then spread to Europe. Early Germans allegedly proved natural bowlers as did the English; in fact, British soldiers so […]

The StickerTalk Celebrates National Sibling Day

The StickerTalk Celebrates National Sibling Day April 10 marks the annual observance of National Sibling Day. A holiday commonly celebrated on an assorted array of social media platforms, the holiday prompts revelers to snap a selfie with brothers and sisters, reflect on treasured memories, and laud their siblings’ unique quirks. While each household cultivates differing […]

‘Cross the Wide Missouri

‘Cross the Wide Missouri An area forever immortalized in song, the land comprising Shenandoah National Park is steeped in history and rich in natural beauty. The region’s first settlers were Native Americans who thrived from the land’s abundant natural resources. Shenandoah’s picturesque landscapes amazed European adventurers when they arrived in the eighteenth century. Many of […]

The Divine Dalmatian

The Divine Dalmatian A breed famous for their spotted coat, the Dalmatian dog breed proves a household favorite across the globe. Although many automatically imagine the speckled dog perched atop an old-fashioned fire wagon, the Dalmatian boasts a rather diverse, yet arcane, history. Historians cannot determine the exact origin of the breed but believe the […]

Flowering Hope

Flowering Hope Brightly dyed eggs and cheerful bunnies commonly constitute symbols of Easter, but one religious motif captures the spirit of the holiday like no other. The lily has served an integral role in Easter celebrations of countless generations, appearing in both churches and devout Christian households during the Easter season. A deeply symbolic representation, […]

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