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Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest A beacon of freedom and an emblem of unity, Mount Rushmore towers above all other national monuments. This titanic sculpture draws countless crowds of tourists annually, offering pristine views of the Black Hills of South Dakota and opportunities for patriotic ponderings and reflections. Although the sculpture gracing Mount Rushmore […]

The Fabulous Flamingo

The Fabulous Flamingo They are absolutely everywhere: from front yards to zoos and from aquariums to amusement parks, flamingos brighten up any environment! Although these brilliant birds originally hail from tropical climates, they have found their way into the hearts of avian enthusiasts across the globe. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we have assembled […]

The Keys to Musicality

The Keys to Musicality The piano is perhaps the most versatile musical instrument in existence. From sophisticated concert halls to adrenaline-fueled rock concerts, the humble piano boasts the unique capability to transcend a plethora of genres. Easy enough to seem approachable to young students yet simultaneously daunting to even the most seasoned musician, this instrument […]

Sensational San Francisco

Sensational San Francisco Boasting sweeping scenery, a diverse culture, and a vivid past, the city of San Francisco entertains an assorted array of tastes and curiosities. From the pristine waters of the San Francisco Bay to its endless blocks of historical architecture, San Francisco represents the epitome of all things American. Due to its complex […]

Pickleball: It’s a Big Dill

Pickleball: It’s a Big Dill The noteworthy sport of pickleball has recently garnered attention as a favored pastime of innovative athletes. A relatively new sport, pickleball harbors an array of enigmas to the average observer; because the sport is a complex blend of other games, it may seem difficult to understand or enjoy. However, pickleball’s […]

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