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Hotdog for Hotdogs!

Hotdog for Hotdogs! The hotdog, both a slang term suggesting excellence or a tasty treat enjoyed at picnics and baseball games, serves as an American cultural icon. A dish that has revolutionized the culinary industry and forever altered the palates of the American diner, hotdogs are currently served in a plethora of forms and fashions, […]

Tupelo: Terrifically Trendy and Thoroughly Thrilling

Tupelo: Terrifically Trendy and Thoroughly Thrilling Although not typically considered a monstrous metropolis, the city of Tupelo, Mississippi, serves as a hub of culture and history. Its unique location allows Tupelo to harbor both serene, natural beauty and modern innovations, making the community a complex fusion of the area’s rich past and its promising future. […]

Amazing Aspects of Autumn

Amazing Aspects of Autumn Officially beginning at 8:54 PM on September 22, autumn has commenced its annual reclamation of both weather and foliage, prompting fans of fall to don a light jacket and order a pumpkin spice latte. Although autumn is generally recognized for its more obvious characteristics such as gradually decreasing temperatures and leaves […]

The Ever-Popular Pumpkin

The Ever-Popular Pumpkin The pleasantly plump pumpkin has recently gained notoriety as the key ingredient for a litany of pumpkin-spice-flavored seasonal eats, drinks, and treats. However, the pumpkin possesses a variety of other charms besides its inexplicable ability to enhance the flavor of lattes in coffeeshops across the nation. Join The StickerTalk as we carve […]

They’ve Got Spirit, Yes They Do!

They’ve Got Spirit, Yes They Do! From pyramids to pompoms and from flight to flips, cheerleaders and their assorted arsenal of acrobatics have played an integral role in athletic contests for over a century. Today’s ever-optimistic cheerleader brightens up sporting events, rallies school spirit, and even participates in competitive cheering events, but the modern cheerleader […]

Volleyball’s Vivid Vying

Volleyball’s Vivid Vying Fast-paced and packed with exciting action, volleyball has been entertaining both athletes and spectators since 1895. William G. Morgan, the man additionally responsible for the creation of basketball, invented the sport for the students under his instruction at his local YMCA. By fusing aspects of already existing sports, including tennis, basketball, and […]

The Prized Pekingese

The Prized Pekingese Characterized by its regal demeanor and poofy pelt, the Pekingese boasts the title of one of the most ancient and pure dog breeds still in existence. The Pekingese’s past is ornamented with colorful folklore and truthful tales of the breed’s character and cultural importance. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we invite […]

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