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Meet the Mammoth of Kentucky

Oval Mammoth Cave National Park Sticker

Deep under the soil of Edmonson County, Kentucky, a behemoth sprawls. Covering an area of approximately 52,800 acres and with passageways spanning a length of 400 miles, Mammoth Cave is the largest know cave in the world. Anthropologists believe that humans began utilizing the cave for shelter and natural resources 4,000 years ago. Scientists have […]

When Life Gives You Scraps

Scrapbookers Make the Best Memories Sticker

An unknown author once mused, “Birth certificates show that you were born, death certificates show that you died, scrapbooks show that you really lived.” This philosophy has been adopted by the 25 million Americans who claim scrapbooking as one of their hobbies. Although the majority of established scrapbookers are senior women, this pastime invites both […]

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