Monthly Archives: March 2021

A Bouquet of Symbols

Pink Flower Vinyl Sticker

As spring’s warm weather and gentle showers usher in new life throughout nature, floral enthusiasts take to their flowerbeds to cultivate their favorite varieties of spring blossoms. With so many options to choose from, some gardeners utilize the symbolic meanings of different flower varieties to help them make their selections for the season. One of […]

Hip Hip Hooray for National Corn Dog Day!

On the third Saturday of March, American foodies celebrate what could be the most underrated holiday of the year: National Corn Dog Day. This scrumptious celebration was established in 1992 when a handful of food-savvy basketball fans realized that corn dogs were the perfect snack to savor while watching March Madness match-ups, making it appropriate […]

Dig Up Some Roots!

Genealogy Is a Relative Obsession Vinyl Sticker

When you think of genealogy, your mind may automatically produce memories of countless family reunions where your elderly relatives would pass around tattered documents and worn-out scrapbooks and reminisce on the lives of familial ancestors. Now, with the popularization of technology, genealogical discoveries could be only a click away. New inventions such as mail order […]

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