Are the stickers removable? Yes! We use high quality vinyl with air release technology. This amazing tech incorporates micro channels into the adhesive which allows you to smooth out most of the air bubbles. So there isn’t a need to keep removing and reapplying until you get it right. However, if you do need to remove and reapply the sticker, because it isn’t straight or you just don’t like the location, this special adhesive allows for that too. Can I use these outdoors? Of course! We laminate every one of our products with a PVC UV film which provides extra protection against UV rays and scratches and adds more life to your sticker. This step is one that most online sellers skip because it is time consuming and costly. Will my magnet stick to any car? Not necessarily ANY car. Our magnets will only be attracted to ferromagnetic metals. So if your car has an aluminum or plastic bumper, it would be best to stick with a sticker. Are these static cling decals? No. We do not make static cling decals. All of our stickers are adhesive stickers. There aren’t any designs that I like, can I request one? Yes! Our motto is “We Have A Sticker For That!” so if you cannot find a sticker that matches your needs, please contact us and we will try out best to get you “A Sticker For That!” Where’s my package? Typical delivery time in the U.S. is 3-5 business days; however, you can use the following links to track your order:      USPS Packages can be tracked at      FedEx Packages can be tracked at      DHL Packages can be tracked at Do you offer free shipping? We sure do! You can find our shipping information here.  

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