[2x] 3.5X2.5 Audio and Video Recording Consent Magnets


[2x] 3.5×2.5 Audio and Video Recording Consent

Audio and Video Recording Description:

This package comes with two magnets, which are 3.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall when applied.  The word, NOTICE, is printed at the top of the magnet in white letters on a red rectangle.  Under this, the phrase, For Security This Vehicle Is Equipped With Audio And Video Recording Devices, is printed in black letters; the additional phrase, Consent Given By Entering Vehicle, is printed near the bottom of the magnet in red letters.  The magnet’s background is white. A black border is printed just inside the edges of the magnet, leaving a small, white margin on the edges of the magnet.  The pink line in the image shows where the magnet is cut; the pink line is not printed on the magnet.  This quality-made product is durable and easily visible, making it an effective way to ensure your personal safety and the safety of your vehicle.

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Audio and Video Recording
[2x] 3.5X2.5 Audio and Video Recording Consent Magnets



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