.5in x 1in Exit Map Pointer Stickers


.5in x 1in (12.7mm x 25.4mm) Exit Map Pointer Stickers

Exit Map Pointer Stickers Description:

This product includes 16 stickers, each sticker measuring approximately .5 inches wide by 1 inches tall when applied.  The stickers feature the word, EXIT, in black letters on a white background.  A tapered, red pointer with black outlining and a white circle in the middle of its thick top is printed below the text.  The stickers are cut with a contour, so minimal white border will remain after application.  The pink lines in the image show where the stickers are cut; the pink lines are not printed on the stickers.  These quality-made stickers are durable and specially designed for use on maps of all kinds!

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Exit Map Pointer Stickers
.5in x 1in Exit Map Pointer Stickers



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