5in x 7in No Diving Shallow Water Sticker


5in x 7in (127mm x 177.8mm) No Diving Shallow Water Sticker

No Diving Shallow Water Sticker Description:

This sticker is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall when applied.  It features the word, DANGER, in black, white, and red near the top of the sticker.  Under this this the words, NO DIVING SHALLOW WATER, are printed in black.  A black and white image of a diver with a red circle and slash printed over it appears near the center of the sticker.  The words, DIVING MAY CAUSE DEATH OR PERMANENT INJURY, are printed near the bottom of the sticker in black letters.  A black border decorates the edges of the sticker.  The pink line in the image shows where the sticker is cut; the pink line is not printed on the sticker.  This sticker is durable and easily visible, making ideal for use as a poolside warning on the shallow end!

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