Groovy Gradient Apple Watch Crown Button Dots


[24x] Groovy Gradient Apple Watch Crown Button Dots™

Crown Button Dots™ Description:

These nifty stickers allow you to decorate your plain ‘ol Apple Watch buttons with many color options! Crown Button Dots™ also allow you to cover that annoying red dot on the Cellular models without interfering with reception. Worried that you may mess up applying the sticker? Worry not! Each sheet comes with 6 sets of 4, each set decorated with a unique gradient, so on the rare occasion that one gets ruined, you have 3 more similar stickers! There is a total of 24 dots. Simply place your brand new Crown Button Dots™ on the digital crown and side button and voila, you now have one of the most stylish Apple Watches out there! However, our Crown Button Dots™ may inhibit the ECG feature on Apple Watch Series 4 digital crowns.

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