Camouflage Camera Dots Webcam Covers


StickerTalk® Camouflage Camera Dots® Webcam Covers

Camouflage Camera Dots® Design:

This sheet of camera dots includes 32 small, 1/8 inch dots and 21 large, 3/8 inch dots.  Each of the camera dots features a unique camouflage pattern.  These practical stickers are designed to cover the lens of your smartphone, PC, or tablet camera or webcam.  They are also designed to alleviate the annoying little LED lights that shine at bed time!  Each webcam cover is removable.  You can remove one to take a picture and then stick it back on several times before it needs replacement.  These are awesome for protecting your privacy.  Not only do they successfully protect your privacy from prying eyes, but they are also stylish.

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Camera Dots®
Camouflage Camera Dots Webcam Covers



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