Colorful Light DotsPhone LED Color Filters


StickerTalk® Colorful Light Dots™


With a total of 53 Light Dots™, these thirty-two 1/4 inch dots and twenty-one 3/8 inch dots are red, orange, blue, green, purple, yellow, light blue, light green, and pink in color, printed on a special transparent vinyl. Simply place one of these color filtering dots over your smart phone’s flashlight to add a pop of color! You can even stack multiple dots on your flashlight for a deeper color. You can remove a dot and then stick it back on several times before it needs replacement. Whether you’re waving your flashlight at a concert, or trying to get the perfect lighting for social media, or simply adding some flair to your tech, our Light Dots™ are the perfect product for any occasion! Additionally, our red Light Dots™ have recently been used by Great Smoky Mountains National Park to view fireflies without disturbing wildlife.

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