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The Delightful Development of Dentistry

Dentist On Board Sticker

A practice specializing in oral health and nervous patients, dentistry proves a fascinating field of study that springs from the first glimmers of civilization. Historians theorize that the first dentists existed in early Indus Valley communities. Although the Indus Valley dentists left no literature behind, medial pioneers in ancient Samaria published a string of dental[…]Read more

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The Tremendous Trombone

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Distinguished by its unmatched timbre and unique assortment of physical traits, the trombone continues to remain one of Western music’s most popular instruments. The modern trombone traditionally is confined to roles in symphony ensembles, concert bands, or jazz groups, but the horn’s historical foundation proves much broader in nature. In this edition of The StickerTalk,[…]Read more

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The Bodacious Belgian

I Love My Belgian Bumper Sticker

A breed characterized by its large stature and gentle demeanor, the Belgian horse boasts a rich tradition coupled with a powerful build. The Belgian traces its impressive pedigree back to the Middle Ages. Early Belgians, a breed known as the Flemish “Great Horse,” carried medieval knights into battle. In fact, Richard the Lionhearted, one of[…]Read more

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A Resolution Revolution

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The resolution: a tradition typically embraced during the initial onslaught of the new year’s temptations but eventually abandoned for the sake of comfort and routine. While many consider new year’s resolutions a fairly modern blight on humanity’s resolve, these annual objectives have existed since ancient times. Approximately four thousand years ago, ancient Babylonians created resolutions[…]Read more