A breed characterized by its large stature and gentle demeanor, the Belgian horse boasts a rich tradition coupled with a powerful build. The Belgian traces its impressive pedigree back to the Middle Ages. Early Belgians, a breed known as the Flemish “Great Horse,” carried medieval knights into battle. In fact, Richard the Lionhearted, one of history’s most prominent proponents of this breed, proved so fond of the horses that he arranged for a large number of the gentle giants to be transported from their native home in the Low Countries to the island of England. The Belgian’s sheer mass later lead farmers and drivers to employ these gentle giants as draft horses; a newborn Belgian foal weighs an average of 125 pounds, later growing to an astounding 2,000 pounds at adulthood! First introduced to American arenas and fields in the late 1800s, the Belgian has since galloped its way into the hearts of horse lovers across the nation, captivating multitudes with its unmatched grace and style.





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