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Fall’s Spooky Arrival

happy halloween

With the arrival of fall, come pumpkins, scarecrows, bats and other spooky Halloween decorations. How did America incorporate this holiday into its seasonal celebrations? Scarecrows actually were used 3,000 years ago to ward off crows who were consuming the farmers’ corn. During medieval times, children would run through the fields throwing stones at the crows […]

“Udder”-ly Adorable!

Have you hugged a cow today? A new health trend suggests you should! An activity originating in the Netherlands, koe knuffelen, or cow-hugging for non-Dutch-speakers, really beefs up the field of therapy animals. Like its name implies, cow-hugging invites stressed individuals to escape their urban anxieties by cuddling with a bovine buddy for a few […]

Balls of Fried Dough?

I Love Donuts Magnet

In 1998, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation donated to the Smithsonian Institution a 5-foot contraption which was once America’s most advanced donut maker, “Ring King Jr”. It was Krispy Kreme’s 60th anniversary. However, the Dutch are credited with bringing the now popular breakfast treat to New York under the name of “oylykoeks,” or “oily cakes”. These […]

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