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Student Driver and Nervous Parent Bumper Sticker

Summertime is when many eager teenagers turn sixteen and are exhilarated to begin driving on their own. Although the newly sixteen year old driver may be totally thrilled, the parents are probably a nervous wreck. Today there are many safety features installed in cars to slightly help ease the parents nerves, but this was not […]


Id Rather Be Fishing Magnet

Fishing has been around for a very long time. Some people fish for food while others compete in competitive fishing championships. There are all different varieties of fish in the world, some weighing thousands of pounds and then there are others weighing a few measly grams. There is believed to be about 33,600 different species […]

Lavish Lettering

White Cursive L Monogram Sticker

Although handwritten letters are slightly making a comeback recently they are mostly a thing of the past. Nowadays most people text, virtually meet, or e-mail, but a long time ago people actually wrote on paper and sent it through the mail. Strange, right? Well, with the ancient ways of communication also came ancient ways of […]


Ballooning Lifts You Up Magnet

We see balloons almost every day whether for birthdays, carnivals, outside stores, or even soaring high in the sky. The first rubber balloon was invented in 1824 for uses in a laboratory by Michael Faraday. However, this is not where balloons got their start. Originally people would fill animal bladders with air to create balloons. […]

Fourth of July

4th of july

This year America will be celebrating the 79th Independence day celebration as a national holiday. However, Independence Day, also called the Fourth of July, has been celebrated since the 17th century which makes this coming holiday the 244th Fourth of July. The Fourth of July is an American holiday celebrating America’s independence from British rule. […]

Marching Bands

Buna Cougar One Band One Sound Magnet

Marching band season is right around the corner with football season coming up and you might be thinking what is so special about a marching band? Well, first of all a marching band is a group of musicians who play musical instruments while marching most often led by a drum major who conducts the band […]


When Life Gives You Scraps Make Quilts Vinyl Sticker

There is a plethora of different types of art forms such as, painting, drawing, sculpting, and even gardening, but what about the old timey art of quilting? Not many people today have ever even thought about creating a quilt, nevertheless actually attempting it. However, a long time ago they were practically an essential item. Quilts […]

Bird Watching

Frequently Stops Bird Spotting Vinyl Sticker

Is that a plane, a cloud, no wait that is a bird! Bird watching is a popular hobby for many bird enthusiasts. The title of bird watching originated as a title of a book by Edmond Selous in 1901. Observing birds was originally only accomplished by shooting down the birds and then examining them. However, […]

Backyard Chickens

Life Is Better With Chickens Bumper Sticker

Backyard chickens are becoming more and more popular each day especially during these times with many people being stuck at home. The StickerTalk family has even ventured into the amazing world of chickens with four new additions to the crew. They are four Buff Orpington pullets named Maybelle, Dixie, Honey, and Daisy! Chickens are a […]


Gardeners Spread the Best Dirt Bumper Sticker

Succulents have been rapidly growing in popularity. You can find them in almost every store! But why is this? Well, first of all what is a succulent? The Latin word succu means full of sap or juice, and the leaves and stem of a succulent are full of a sap-like substance. Also, a common misconception […]

Applesauce Cake Day!

Cake on Board Magnet

Tall, short, sweet, savory, cakes come in a plethora of flavors and shapes. One cake baked in India measured 17,388 feet long, which is the world’s longest cake. That’s about as long as 435 school busses! Another group of people in Indonesia created a cake that was 108.27 feet tall. The world’s tallest cake! This […]

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