A Sensationally Celestial Sticker: StickerTalk’s Oval Eclipse 2017 Sticker

As August 21, 2017, inches closer, all eyes in America gaze towards the skies in anxious anticipation. A phenomenon our nation rarely has the pleasure of experiencing, a total solar eclipse is predicted to temporarily obstruct the brilliant rays of the midday sun on this extraordinarily exciting Monday. The Great American Eclipse, as many enthusiastic observers call it, offers Americans the astronomical opportunity of a lifetime; as the sun and the moon align over America’s heartland, a new generation of curious minds will witness a stellar wonder like no other. To commemorate this momentous occasion, the talented design team at StickerTalk created the Oval Eclipse 2017 Sticker. Ideal for display on luggage as a momento from your expeditions and adventures, this sticker can also be applied to vehicles, cups and tumblers, or any other hard, flat surface as a reminder of this fascinating event. Our Oval Eclipse 2017 Sticker is a fantastic way to keep the intrigue of the Great American Eclipse alive for years to come!

Oval Eclipse 2017 Sticker

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