We all know the story about how the reindeer with a rosy nose saved Christmas from the clutches of inclement weather one fateful Christmas Eve, but how well do you know the eight other members of Santa’s sleigh team? Put on your favorite Christmas sweater and join The StickerTalk as we head to Santa’s stables to meet all of the other reindeer!

Dasher is the fastest of Santa’s herd. A natural athlete, he enjoys spending the 364 days leading up to the team’s annual flight shaving the seconds off of his lap times around the Equator. Dasher is also the leader of the sleigh team and is responsible for navigating Santa’s sleigh across the globe each Christmas Eve.

Dancer, like his name suggests, knows how to cut a rug! When he is not pulling Santa’s sleigh around the globe, Dancer enjoys planning festive parties for the residents of the North Pole and baking Christmas cookies with Mrs. Claus.

Prancer is the social coordinator of the sleigh team. He loves snapping group selfies during Santa’s annual Christmas Eve flight and spends his free time hanging out with the elves in Santa’s workshop. He spends quite a bit of time on grooming to make sure his appearance is up to snuff, but, in spite of his borderline vanity, would do anything to help his North Pole neighbors.

Vixen is a natural-born entertainer and delights in being the center of attention. Although she is especially talented at magic tricks, Vixen never stops exploring new hobbies. Vixen’s greatest weakness is chocolate, so never leave a mug of hot cocoa unattended near her stall!

Comet serves as a role model for all of the reindeer calves at the North Pole. He is caring, intelligent, and honest, and he enjoys making other people happy. He is also considered to be very handsome by reindeer standards and loves to flash his signature smile whenever he can.

Cupid is the most outgoing reindeer on Santa’s sleigh team. She loves to hang mistletoe all over the North Pole and will never turn down an opportunity to go Christmas shopping with her friends. While Christmas is obviously her favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day comes in at a close second.

Donner‘s name was derived from the German word for “thunder,” but his singing voice is silky smooth. Donner is always the first one to the microphone for Christmas carol karaoke, often singing duets with his best friend, Blitzen.

Blitzen, similar to Donner, takes his name from the German word for “lightening.” Blitzen is probably the most energetic member of the crew and spends most of his free time going on adventures with his best friend, Donner.


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