America’s new normal includes social distancing, taking one’s temperature before entering certain places, and wearing a mask. This new normal is the result of a virus that causes respiratory distress and is highly contagious. The CDC recommends that we wear a mask when in public places in order to reduce the chance of contracting the Covid-19 virus from someone who is symptom-free. However, how are we going to make this fun for the kids? Kids love to wear costumes and masks at Halloween. How about making the mask a fun, family project? There is a plethora of various fabric designs and colors to choose from. Masks are easy to make, and some are no-sew masks that use bandanas or T-shirts. Help your child personalize his mask by adding decorations, a smiley face, or a favorite cartoon character. StickerTalk has some cute stickers that can be added to encourage your child to wear a mask.

When a child is at home, it will not be necessary for the child to wear a mask. However, if you take your child out where they may come in contact with others who are less than 6 feet away, such as the grocery store, the doctor, or your local pharmacy, it is prudent and wise to cover your child’s face. The CDC does not recommend masks for babies or any child under the age of two years. Making the mask fun will, no doubt, keep the child interested in keeping it on rather than pulling it off. This will protect your child from someone sneezing or coughing who may not be aware that they have Covid-19.

Talk to your child about why it is necessary for them to wear a mask when out in public. It is a good idea to make it a positive experience by having the child decorate the mask and making it a fun activity by having the child look in the mirror while he is wearing it. Play a game by putting the mask on a favorite stuffed animal before having the child wear a mask for the first time. Use simple words to explain to the child why wearing a mask is important. Give your child time and support to get used to this new experience. It is important to show the child how to put on and take off the mask.

Of course, the safest place for your child is at home as long as it is a virus-free environment. Children are also fairly safe outside as long as they are not in close contact with others. However, parents cannot keep children exclusively at home. There are doctor’s and dentist’s visits, and other essential places that the child will need to travel with parents. So, make it an adventure by making and decorating a cute mask with your child.


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