What little boy has not desired a treehouse for himself and his friends? What a wonderful, bonding activity for a father and son to work on together, i.e. building a little clubhouse in a backyard tree. Some people even have the funds to build a more elaborate treehouse for grownups.

First, select a tree that can hold the weight of the platform and the walls of the treehouse. Use a pressure-treated wood, and select a tree that has branches in close proximity, or 2 or 3 trees close to each other. It is important to use sturdy, long-lasting materials. Always do your homework before building. Check to see if your treehouse needs to be permitted before you start your build and if there is a height requirement. You don’t want a legal complication later on. It is best not to install plumbing or lighting if you want to avoid getting a permit. Always check with a structural engineer before building just to make sure your plans are sound.

Now, you are ready to begin. A typical kid’s treehouse is going cost in the neighborhood of $8,000 to $15,000. A residential treehouse is going to cost much more, probably between $25,000 and $60,000. There are websites on the Internet that can help you budget your design and materials for the treehouse of your dreams. The price can skyrocket into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It just depends on the design, the kind of materials you are using, the size and height of the project, and whether it is residential or not.

Some cute ideas to add to your kid’s treehouse include painting the inside with a pop of color, adding a swing, placing colorful cushions, or perhaps, adding a string of lights to the trees outside. The treehouse really doesn’t have to be fancy to make your child happy. The main idea is that you are building it together. This activity will bond you and your child for many years to come. Who knows? The treehouse may actually enhance the beauty of your backyard.






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