Land of the Golden Gate Bridge, the giant redwoods, and Hollywood Boulevard, California also plays host to a much more elusive icon. Known by many monikers, the Bigfoot, also called the Sasquatch, yeti, and ape-man, is said to inhabit the vast expanses of Californian wilderness. In this edition of The StickerTalk, saddle up for a trip to the Golden State as we comb California’s forests, ravines, and hills in search of the legendary Bigfoot!

The current surge in Bigfoot interest traces its roots to the Californian woodlands. Filmed near Bluff Creek, California, the infamous Patterson-Gimlin Film spurred much of the residual Sasquatch-centered mania. California’s fame as America’s Bigfoot capital has garnered national attention as the National Forest Service has even renamed a stretch of California Route 96 the “Bigfoot Scenic Byway.”

Recently, a Californian hiker found herself face-to-face with a creature strongly resembling a Bigfoot. When she reported her experience to the California Department of Fish and Game, authorities advised her that what she saw was most likely a bear. Irritated and infuriated, the hiker decided to sue the state of California in attempt to gain official recognition of the Sasquatch as a species. Unfortunately for Bigfoot fanatics, her case was dismissed.

While California remains a mainstay in the Bigfoot research community, you can organize your own Sasquatch-hunting expedition wherever you live! Check out local records of Bigfoot activity in your area before setting out. Most experts believe that the Sasquatch is more active at night, but visual evidence, such as broken limbs or footprints, may be more visible during the day. Keep your ears open for vocalizations, whistles, and other abnormal noises, and be sure to write down anything you may find!


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