Committed to Confidentiality: A Second Glance at StickerTalk’s Camera Dots

What’s not to love about a new electronic device? Maybe the threat of a malicious virus attacking your webcam. U.S. News reports that a wide array of malware, collectively referred to as Remote Access Trojans (RATs), commonly preys on the cameras of cellphones, computers, and tablets of unsuspecting web surfers. According to an article by Comparitech, a pair of viruses called Blackshades and Delilah are among the most popular breeds of RAT. A single click on a website infected by one of these viruses may allow hackers to gain access to your webcam and invade your privacy. This trend has even caught the attention of Mark Zuckerberg, claims Paste Magazine, as the Facebook CEO allegedly utilizes electrical tape to cover the webcams on his personal devices. However, thanks to StickerTalk, you don’t have to resort to the use of unattractive masking tape to protect your confidentiality; our bestselling camera dots offer a more fashionable solution to this technological terror. Simply apply a camera dot over the camera of your electronic device to prevent RATs from using your webcam for their immoral intentions, then remove the sticker when you desire to use your webcam. After you snap that perfect selfie or finish your web-chatting session, you can reapply the long-lasting camera dot several times before it loses its adhesive qualities, and since StickerTalk produces several varieties of camera dots, there is a camera dot for every taste and device. With StickerTalk’s Camera Dots on your side, RATs don’t stand a chance!


Camera Dots
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