Explore StickerTalk’s Electric Sense of Humor with a Power Outlet Sticker

The Miriam-Webster dictionary defines a practical joke as “a prank intended to trick or embarrass someone or cause physical discomfort.” Hand buzzers, itching powder, and whoopee cushions all represent staples of practical joking, but StickerTalk is adding a maverick merrymaking method to the mix, the Power Outlet Sticker. Until closely inspected, this quality-made sticker appears to be a genuine article, leading soon-to-be victims to attempt to use the phony outlet. You’ll witness their futile frustration as they eventually realize that they have been the victim of a practical joke. If you feel in need of a boost in morale, simply apply one of your Power Outlet Stickers to any portion of black wall space and watch the hilarity ensue!

Power Outlet Sticker
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