Flowering Hope

Brightly dyed eggs and cheerful bunnies commonly constitute symbols of Easter, but one religious motif captures the spirit of the holiday like no other. The lily has served an integral role in Easter celebrations of countless generations, appearing in both churches and devout Christian households during the Easter season. A deeply symbolic representation, the lily boasts a multifaceted interpretation of Christ’s triumph over the grave. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we invite you to take a closer look at the many illustrations of the Easter message portrayed through the lily.

  • The lily’s white petals convey the purity and innocence of Jesus Christ, while the golden hue of the flower’s stamen proclaim His majesty.
  • The bell-like shape of the lily is reminiscent of the Archangel Gabriel’s trumpet. In the Bible, Gabriel heralded Jesus’ birth to a multitude of believers. Additionally, Christians believe that the sound of Gabriel’s trumpet will announce His return.
  • Finally, the lily’s growth patterns parallel the Easter story. Planted as a bulb, the lily suddenly springs to life as a beautiful blossom; for many Christians, this symbolizes Christ’s resurrection.



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