Businessman Neil Blumenthal once said, “Creativity flows when curiosity is stoked.” Here at StickerTalk, our curiosity was recently piqued when Great Smoky Mountains National Park reached out to us concerning a unique opportunity for ingenuity. This picturesque national park sponsors an observatory event centered around the synchronous firefly, an illuminating insect native to the Smokies. Because the synchronous firefly is nocturnal, allowing its brilliant bioluminescence to be easily admired, visitors to Great Smoky Mountains National Park often utilize the LED flashlights on their cell phones to find their way through the firefly’s dark habitat when searching for an ideal spot to view this natural light display. However, the bright lights tend to disturb the fireflies, leading park officials to request that firefly watchers wrap their phones’ flashlights with red or blue cellophane; colored light seems to eliminate most human-caused agitation to the fireflies during their light show. However, this arrangement proved cumbersome at best. The solution? Enter StickerTalk Light Dots™!

The talented design team at StickerTalk harnessed their curiosity to engineer a brand-new product. Printed on a special transparent vinyl, our Light Dots™ act as a color filter to your smart phone’s LED flashlight, adding a pop of color to the flashlight’s beam. Our red Light Dots™ will be distributed this year by rangers at Great Smoky Mountains National Park before the synchronous firefly viewing begins, making it easier for park guests to navigate the landscape without bothering the wildlife.

The uses for our new Light Dots™ are not confined to the great outdoors. Use a Light Dot™ to achieve the perfect lighting for that social media selfie, or apply a colorful Light Dot™ to your phone’s flashlight before waving it to the strains of your favorite band’s new song at the next concert you attend. Stack multiple dots on your flashlight for a richer, deeper color. Also, you can remove a dot and then stick it back on several times before it needs replacement. Whether you’re enjoying a concert, snapping selfies, taking in a firefly display, or simply adding some flair to your tech, our new Light Dots™ are the perfect product for any occasion!


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