One Nation Under God, Indivisible: StickerTalk’s America All Lives Matter Sticker

Stories of violence continually dominate headlines and news broadcasts in recent times. Neighbor turns against neighbor as tension turns to turmoil, often resulting in unnecessary casualties and wider rifts between communities. America’s peaceful streets have morphed into both political and literal battlegrounds. With constant terror at home and abroad, it seems the human race has lost its appreciation for the sacredness of life. This growing concern prompted the talented design team at StickerTalk to create our America All Lives Matter Sticker. Featuring an array of colors that typically denote different ethnicities, this sticker serves as a reminder that all life has unfathomable value. In addition, its unique shape, the easily recognizable outline of the United States of America, sparks sensations of national pride that unify Americans from varying racial, religious, and political backgrounds under a common cause: the preservation of a society that allows diversity. We here at StickerTalk hope that our America All Lives Matter Sticker plays a small role in restoring harmony to our wonderfully diverse nation.

All Lives Matter Sticker
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