America is reopening at a dizzying rate, and rebounding businesses all across the country are hanging “help wanted” signs in their windows. With so many opportunities for employment rapidly becoming available, prospective employees are enjoying a broad selection of potential occupations. While many individuals will find their niche in restaurants or department stores, more adventurous jobseekers have a unique chance to pursue extraordinary employment positions.

Japan is world-renowned for its efficiency. Their desire for practical perfection has even managed to influence the staff of Japan’s railroad systems, inspiring the creation of the oshiya. Translating into “pusher,” these employees are responsible for pushing commuters onto crowded train cars, ensuring as many passengers as possible are onboard. This method of car-packing helps minimize delays since it reduces the number of people left waiting at the station for the next departure. In turn, this allows the hardworking people of Japan to arrive at their jobs on time and ready to work.

Most people long for the day they land their dream job, but only a select few are lucky enough to get a literal dream job. Professional sleepers are commonly hired by mattress companies and hotels to test the quality of their beds. These slumber specialists are trained to accurately assess the comfort level of mattresses and give feedback to their employer. Professional sleepers are also sought out by scientists wishing to conduct experiments exploring sleep disorders.

Have you ever wondered what your pet’s food tastes like? Professional pet food tasters don’t have to wonder! Pet food manufacturers typically keep tasters on their payroll to keep tabs on the tastiness of their products. Pet food tasters are often tasked with comparing the flavor of their company’s recipes to those of rival companies, sampling everything from dog bones to canned meat. They are additionally responsible for evaluating aroma and nutrition. Pet food tasters are generally required to hold a doctoral degree before they can chow down in a professional capacity.

Chances are, you’ve been questioned by a family member about your nonexistent romantic relationship at one point in time. Entrepreneurs in Japan have once again engineered the perfect solution to this practical problem: rental boyfriends and girlfriends. One of Japan’s most popular rental agencies charges roughly $50 per hour to hire out a significant other. The rental boyfriend or girlfriend gets to pocket about half of the fee. Dates with a rented significant other can range from anything to sight-seeing tours of Japanese cities to karaoke sessions.


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