The annual Groundhog Day celebration occurred on February 2 of this year just as it does every year at Gobbler’s Knob, Pennsylvania. Folks gather and celebrate each year to see if Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow and predict six more weeks of winter, or if he will return to his hole without seeing his shadow and predict an early spring. This year, Phil did see his shadow, and we have definitely seen more winter-like weather. Phil, supposedly, has never been wrong. However, it is not too soon to consider planting an herb garden and enjoying it inside until spring arrives.

An herb garden can add pizazz to any kitchen counter and delicious flavors to your soups, veggies, poultry, pork chops, and roast beef dishes. Even though there are many herbs to choose from, some favorites are thyme, chive, parsley, sage, oregano, rosemary, basil, and spearmint. Herbs grow fast and can be used just weeks from germination. Most herbs need full sunshine and good drainage, and grow easily in pots. Not only can you find many websites on DIY herb gardens, but there are also “how to” videos, and easy-to-install herb kits that are relatively inexpensive.

Theme gardens can also be produced by combining selective plants: a cook’s garden, as discussed here, a medicinal garden, an ornamental garden, a fragrant garden, or just a simple, windowsill herb garden.

You only need a sunny kitchen window to begin your delightful adventure into becoming an herb connoisseur. Herbs will not only add flavor to your cuisine, but will add cheer to your kitchen. Your family will praise your culinary abilities as you happily snip bits of savory flavors from your herbs, and add them to your dishes.


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