Sunflower Power

A floral favorite, the sunflower’s distinctive yellow petals can add a bit of brightness to any garden. Whether you enjoy its delectable seeds or simply revel in the flower’s aesthetic charm, the sunflower’s versatility offers a wide array of pleasures to a multitude of tastes. Not only does the sunflower delight the eye and the palate, but also serves as a playground for curiosity. Allow your interest to blossom as The StickerTalk delves into the power of the sunflower.

  • Sunflowers are native to North and South America. Native peoples utilized the sunflower for food, dye, and medicine, using it as relief from chest pain and ailing kidneys. Spanish conquistadors introduced the sunflower to the remainder of the world in the 1500s, sparking a worldwide craze that continues today.
  • When a sunflower begins to bloom, it develops heliotropic tendencies, meaning the flower follows the sun as it arches across the sky. This all-natural super power ends only when the flower becomes too heavy and stiff for constant movement and the mature flower faces permanently east.
  • Average sunflowers stand somewhere between 5 and 12 feet tall when fully mature. However, the world’s tallest sunflower, grown by German gardener Hans-Peter Schiffer, grew to an astounding 30 feet, 1 inch tall!

Sunflower Sticker


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