Texas Strong: Oval I Survived Harvey Sticker

Although the people of the Lone Star State have successfully weathered an assorted array of natural disasters throughout the centuries, the Texan spirit was recently tested by an unwelcome guest by the name of Harvey. Ushering unprecedented flooding into the streets, businesses, and homes of the Houston area, Hurricane Harvey brought utter devastation to coastal Texas, showing no mercy for anyone or anything unfortunate enough to be in his path. In spite of the dismal appearance of Harvey’s aftermath, those effected by the storm never ceased to exemplify the courage and determination that has characteristically defined Texans since the days of the Alamo and San Jacinto. StickerTalk’s talented design team, inspired by the resilience of our friends and neighbors, created the Oval I Survived Harvey Sticker. While this sticker is a fantastic way to add a bit of personality to vehicles, cups and tumblers, tablets, and other hard, flat surfaces, its primary purpose is to aid people in need; when you buy one of these quality-made products, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to relief efforts in southeast Texas. We here at StickerTalk hope that our Oval I Survived Harvey Sticker affords a measure of relief to our fellow Texans as we continue to unite and stand strong.

Oval I Survived Harvey Sticker
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