The Limitless Llama

A creature bursting with character, the llama has taken popular culture by storm. Its unruly appearance coupled with its distinctive disposition make this animal a supreme subject for the curious and creative. However, there is more to the llama than meets the eye. Llamas boast an extensive service in domestication; first utilized by native peoples populating the Andean highlands of Peru, the llama’s original role in society was that of a pack animal. Intelligent, easy-going, and easy to train, llamas proved natural beasts of burden. Additionally, unlike most other pack animals, llamas thrive in harsh conditions, making them ideal for use in the icy Andes Mountains of South America. The llama was eventually utilized for meat and wool as well. Today, the llama is a fairly common sight in barnyards and petting zoos. The even-tempered attitude that earned the llama the respect of ancient agrarians continues to enchant and amaze, securing this brilliant beast a pedestal in the animal kingdom.

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