The StickerTalk Explores Easter Around the World

One of Christianity’s most prominent celebrations, Easter is heralded by a number of various traditions and celebrations. While Passion plays, chocolate bunnies, and egg hunts are common sights here in Southeast Texas, other cultures commemorate Christ’s resurrection in more exotic manners. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we invite you to embark on an expedition to observe Easter around the globe.


Burkina Faso

This African nation is defined by abounding religious diversity among its citizens, a statistic that prompts Christians in Burkina Faso share Easter celebrations with their non-Christian neighbors, many of whom are Muslim. Like American believers, Burkina Faso’s assorted array of celebrators attend church and enjoy hearty meals. The people of Burkina Faso also make social calls on Easter, visiting friends and family members who are not seen very frequently.


A nation immersed in the Catholic faith, Spain requires an entire week for their extravagant Easter celebrations. Named Semana Santa, or Holy Week, this extended holiday involves Spanish Christians participating in candlelit vigils, grandiose parades, and solemn reflection. Spain’s religious processions, though earnest in nature, attract countless curious wanderers to witness larger-than-life depictions of Biblical scenes, rigid military expositions, and a variety of other cultural marvels.

The Philippines

Christians in the Philippine Islands boast perhaps the most extreme Easter tradition on Earth. In order to remember the sacrifice of Calvary and to petition divine intervention, a handful of brave Filipino Christians are, in essence, “crucified.” Often after subjecting themselves to whippings and beatings, they are nailed to wooden crosses with real nails. The participants survive the ordeal, unlike an authentic crucifixion, but always require immediate medical attention following the reenactments.

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