Fall foliage, Thanksgiving gatherings, and… Christmas trees? Maybe you have seen this odd combination of seasonal hallmarks recently! Although holiday décor and music are typically confined to the month of December, many festive folks have adopted the habit of celebrating Christmas much earlier than is typically socially acceptable, and with current events casting a bleak shadow over the past year, Christmas lights and evergreen wreaths seem to be appearing earlier than ever before. But how early is too early?

Although tradition frowns upon celebrating Christmas before the Thanksgiving turkey has even been carved, scientists claim that an extended observance of the holiday offers a wealth of benefits. Leading experts in the field of psychology have found that decorating your home for Christmas actually makes you happier. The sight of bright lights and colorful ornaments cause a surge in dopamine, a hormone that leads to an increase in cheer. Research also suggests that Christmas decorating allows us to reconnect with nostalgic memories from childhood, again inducing a brighter mood. Psychological studies have additionally discovered that people who dress their houses up for the holidays are perceived as more friendly than those who opt out of Christmas lights and yard ornaments.

Aside from the scientific evidence, Christmas lovers can personally testify that breaking with societal norms is well work the risk. Many Christmas crazies argue that an earlier introduction of Christmas festivities grants them liberty from the chaos of the season. A prolonged celebration of Christmas not only allows for more time to enjoy the holiday season, but it also helps quell the consumerism that has become so closely associated with Christmas.

Ultimately, the decision to whether or not break out the Christmas tree a little earlier than usual is entirely yours. If Christmas lights in November makes things a little more merry and bright at the conclusion of a very unorthodox year, why not? After all, a little Christmas cheer never hurt anyone!


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