Fishing has served as a form of recreation for thousands of years. Countless anglers flood to lakes, rivers, and oceans each year in attempt to land a legendary catch, making fishing one of the most popular pastimes across the nation. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we invite you to grab your tackle box and reel in a fresh catch of fishing fun facts!

Many ancient societies depended on fishing as a source of food and relaxation. Ancient Egyptians fished the blue waters of the Nile, an action depicted on the intricately painted walls of their burial chambers. Archaeological evidenced suggests that the anglers of ancient Egypt employed nets, harpoons, and the familiar line and hook to catch fish. Ancient Grecians, on the other hand, held fishermen in disdain. They believed that the unglamorous nature of angling warranted a much humbler rank in their social hierarchy.

Besides providing an opportunity for carefree contemplation, fishing also represents a thriving field of agriculture. An estimated 21 million people earn livings as anglers, and an additional 200 million depend on the practice of fishing for sustenance and revenue. Chinese fishing fleets comprise the world’s largest fishing industry.

While many anglers have found their niche in fishing for smaller species, extreme participants of the sport seek out larger quarry. The largest recorded fish caught was a white shark reel in off the coast of Australia. This colossal catch weighed in at 2,664 pounds. The angler who landed this frightening fish reportedly used a porpoise as bait.

Unsurprisingly, fishing offers a plethora of health benefits. Fishing can improve strength and muscle tone if an angler frequently reels in large catches. Improved balance and stamina may also appear in avid anglers. The psychological advantages of fishing include decreased levels of anxiety, quality bonding time with family and friends, and heightened senses of patience and self-reliance.


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