A 2019 poll found that 30% of Americans have at least one tattoo, but tattoos prove problematic for many members of our society. Many religious creeds discourage visits to the tattoo parlor, and other Americans almost faint at the mere thought of a needle repeatedly piercing their skin. While this small minority utilizes subcutaneous ink as a medium for expression, how do the remaining 70% of US residents physically showcase their personalities?

One recent fashion created in response to this dilemma is the “car tattoo,” an adhesive sticker applied to your vehicle in lieu of applying a similar image on your person. Unlike a traditional tattoo, car tattoos are easy to remove and practically painless, making them a popular alternative to ink and pin. With a car tattoo, a driver can share their likes and interests or simply add some aesthetic quality to their persona with nary a bit of discomfort.

Some of these new car tattoos mirror classic pieces of tattoo art. Hearts, floral patterns, and meaningful quotes adorn commonly embellish bumpers, windows, and gas caps. Meanwhile, other vehicle owners opt for more original designs. Elegant monograms are rising in popularity along with travel-themed “tattoos” that detail the driver’s adventures throughout the globe. Car tattoos may also offer a glimpse into a person’s hobbies as these “tattoos” may include sports references, depictions of sporting equipment related to their favorite game, or the mascot emblem of their championed athletic team.

No matter what the design, a car tattoo will allow any vehicle to stand out in a crowded parking lot. If a vehicle is a common color or model, it quickly fades into the hubbub of a busy lot. One car looks like another, and before you realize it, you are attempting to get into someone else’s car! Many proponents of car tattoos claim that a unique marking on the vehicle makes it much less likely that such an embarrassing error would occur. Choosing a distinctive car tattoo not only helps drivers feel a sense of individuality as a person, but it also allows the vehicle itself to be truly one in a million.

Some experts estimate that nearly 34% of all people sporting tattoos come to regret their inky adornments after the newness of the tattoo has worn off. Almost impossible to remove, tattoos will plague this population for the remainder of their days. However, car tattoos offer a much more temporary means of personalization. Relatively regret-free and much more affordable than a traditional tattoo, car tattoos are the perfect novelty for both the conscientious objector and the needle intolerant.


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