How To Make a Bumper Sticker


I get asked all the time how to make a bumper sticker. The more important question is how do you make a premium quality bumper sticker. We decided to make a short video showing the entire manufacturing process.  We actually go through several steps to make our premium quality stickers that most online retailers skip.  There are shortcuts that can be taken to produce a bumper sticker quickly, but by taking those shortcuts, they don’t produce the best product possible.  In this short narrative, I’ll try to point out the differences between a cheap sticker and a premium quality product.



We print all of our stickers using only name brand Roland Eco-Sol Max inks.  These inks are scratch resistant, UV resitant and waterproof.  They are also GREENGUARD Certified Inks to UL 2818.  We print only at the highest quality setting, so that you will get the sharpest images with the best possible color.  We typically print a roll of stickers before sending to lamination.  Everything we sell is in stock and not printed to order.


This is a critical step to producing a premium quality sticker.  Many online retailers will skip this step because of the time and expense of adding laminate.  We laminate all of our products with 3 mil UV resistant PVC to add an extra layer of protection and to give you a product that should last for years in most outdoor environments.


After the roll has been laminated we contour cut the stickers.  This piece of equipment is dedicated to cutting the stickers in any shape that we program.  We can cut rectangular bumper stickers or individual letters if we like.  This step is what produces the peel and stick product that you receive from us.


Slicing is just what we call the final cutting process.  Unfortunately this step is still a manual process for us. This is the final step before the stickers go into their inventory boxes waiting to be sold and shipped out to you.  Since we only list products that we have in stock, we never have to take a shortcut to meet demand.

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