We Gather Together With StickerTalk’s Back Off Turkey Bumper Sticker

Because Thanksgiving is a holiday often celebrated with family and friends, multitudes of motorists take to the open road in order to observe this festival with distantly located loved ones. However, although holiday spirit abounds on the highways and byways of America, so do pesky tailgaters. Sensations of gratefulness suddenly disappear as road rage consumes both the conscious and unconscious thoughts of the average traveler. Thankfully, StickerTalk’s innovative design team has developed a solution to this surprisingly common issue. Allow us to introduce the Back Off Turkey Bumper Sticker. While this hilarious sticker fosters nostalgic thoughts of cornucopias, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, it manages to convey your humorously disgruntled disposition to fellow motorists. By displaying one of StickerTalk’s Back Off Turkey Bumper Stickers on your vehicle during your Thanksgiving pilgrimage, you will be able to give thanks for you sanity after reaching your destination!

Back Off Turkey Thanksgiving Bumper Sticker
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