After an exciting couple of weeks, StickerTalk’s 2nd Annual School Supply Giveaway has come to an end. We would like to thank everyone who participated; you all truly made our giveaway a memorable opportunity for us to become even more involved in our community! This year, we were excited to announce a total of fifteen winners.

Of the fifteen lucky educators, eight of our winners hail from Buna Elementary School. These teachers include:

Carissa Shofner,

Sonia Burns,

Bevin Shipley,

Wendy Thibodeaux,

Meagan Lovell,

Clarice Hilton,

Tammy Cox,

and Shalina Long.

Another four of our winners teach at Buna Junior High. These winners are:

Kara Garner (pictured here with daughter and StickerTalk team member Peyton Garner),

Mary Herrington,

Suzy Thomas,

and Teri Wolfe.

Last, but certainly not least, the three remaining winners teach at Buna High School. They are:

Tressa Skinner (pictured here with son and StickerTalk team member Cameron Skinner),

John VanDevender,

and Terri Lavergne.

Congratulations again from the StickerTalk team! Although this coming academic year is sure to be unconventional at best, we know the educators of BISD are more than capable to face whatever challenges this school year may bring.

Good luck and stay safe,

The StickerTalk Family

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