Summertime is when many eager teenagers turn sixteen and are exhilarated to begin driving on their own. Although the newly sixteen year old driver may be totally thrilled, the parents are probably a nervous wreck. Today there are many safety features installed in cars to slightly help ease the parents nerves, but this was not always the case. The origin of the first car is a little bit fuzzy because many people attempted to make car-like contraptions, so depending on what is perceived as a car can tell who invented the first car. However, one of the men who is credited with inventing the first gasoline powered automobile was Karl Fredrick Benz who was from Germany. This first car only consisted of three wheels and was powered by an internal combustion engine. The car was considered the first practical car being driven for the first time in 1885. Benz continued to create cars, making his first car with four wheels in 1893. He eventually started making race cars in 1899 until he left the business to start a new company in 1906. Another inventor who helped create the cars we drive today is Robert Anderson from Scotland, sometime around 1832-1839 who created the first electric carriage by attaching a battery and motor to a typically horse driven carriage. The first horseless carriage was a big deal during these times inspiring inventors for ages. Now there are millions of different styles and types of cars including cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, minivans, 18 wheelers, and they are even working on self driving cars. So all in all, most parents want their kids to have the safest driving experience possible. One way to accomplish safer driving is by warning other drivers on the road that there is a new driver in the vehicle with one of StickerTalk’s new driver stickers. Safe driving!

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