Aiming High

A sport dating back to the pinnacle of ancient Egypt, archery requires both physical strength and careful cunning. Because each generation has adopted its own variation of the sport, archery boasts a rich heritage steeped in a plethora of cultures and customs. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we have amassed an assorted array of archery actualities in order to share the sport’s timeless history.

Archery… Or Else! King Edward IV, fearing the up-and-coming sport of cricket would hinder his subjects’ archery practice, banned the new game. Later, when English athletes began developing the game of football (or soccer), King Henry VIII again discouraged participation in archery’s rival sports. King Henry VIII later legally mandated weekly archery practices for his subjects and ordered English fathers to pass the love and knowledge of archery to their sons.

By Any Other Name Another name for an archer is a toxophilite. Although this synonym is scarcely utilized, this Greek-inspired word translates to “lover of the bow.”

The Sport of Heroes Homer’s epic, the Odyssey, relates the story of Odysseus, a powerful king separated from his kingdom and family for two decades. Upon his eventual return to his homeland, Odysseus showcases his archery skills to confirm his identity to his skeptical wife and overthrow his remaining enemies.

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