Is that a plane, a cloud, no wait that is a bird! Bird watching is a popular hobby for many bird enthusiasts. The title of bird watching originated as a title of a book by Edmond Selous in 1901. Observing birds was originally only accomplished by shooting down the birds and then examining them. However, with the invention of binoculars in 1825 shooting the birds down was no longer a necessity. This also helped with the evolution of bird field guides. These tools made bird watching the easiest that it has ever been. All you need to go and watch the birds sitting high in the trees or flying through the sky is binoculars, they do not even need to be fancy or special for bird watching. You can use anything that will make distant birdies easier to view. You also can use a bird field guide to help identify unknown species of birds that you may stumble upon while hunting other species. These are really all the required tools for bird watching. That part is pretty simple, right? Now all you have to do is go out there and find some birds. However, this may seem slightly overwhelming, so it is best to plan ahead. One option is to simply purchase a bird field guide and select a bird that you want to find. The next step is to figure out where you need to go to discover this bird and if you are going to need to hike or perhaps camp out. Then you need to prepare for your unique bird hunting experience. It is said that over 45 million people go bird watching today and hopefully many more will be joining this bandwagon, so happy watching!,optics%20and%20field%20identification%20guides.,for%20a%20prism%20erecting%20system.,a%20total%20of%20nearly%20%2480

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