Do you have your StickerTalk camera dots? Better yet, are you using your StickerTalk camera dots? The most effective way to prevent someone from using malware to take over your webcam is to cover the lens. That’s it; cover the lens! The inexpensive camera dots need to be on laptops, tablets, cell phones, and televisions (any electronic device that has a webcam).

                I use them and today I found out they are worth a million dollars for the peace of mind they give me. I received an email that said I had been recorded using my webcam and it would be sent to all the names in my address book. If I didn’t want this to happen, I needed to send money. I was able to just laugh because I knew they could not have made a video of me from any of my electronic devices because I have StickerTalk camera dots covering every lens. The laugh was on them!

                One of the morning shows had a “good” hacker demonstrate how easily he could record videos and take pictures from one of the host’s phone. The host was mind boggled to say the least when the realization hit that the phone’s webcam had been breached so quickly and easily. Illegal hackers are doing this all day long and, unfortunately, making lots of money because of their scare tactics.

                I had to be educated about the importance of camera dots (I am over 29), but once I realized their benefit I gave them to my family, friends, the staff at my doctor and dentists’ office, the people I worship with, and young teens and college students (who realized the importance without me explaining it). I did have to explain the purpose of the dots to people who really do not understand terms like data breaching, phishing scams, ransomware, remote access, malware, etc. They use their webcam often to communicate with family and friends and never thought about the camera being used to spy on them.

                Because camera dots do not stop someone from hacking into your electronic devices, make sure you have a good security suite software on your laptop. The suite needs to include antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall software. Be sure to keep the software updated.

                Here are some other security prevention tips you should do: If your webcam is external, unplug it when you are not using it. Go to your webcam settings and enable notification so you will know when your webcam is in use. Do not click on attachments or links in emails, text messages, or social media that you do not recognize. If you use a wireless network, be sure you changed the default password that came with the router. When you go to cafes, hotels, airports and other places that offer free unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots, resist the urge to use them. Hackers can easily get access to your electronic devices through unsecure sites.

                If you don’t want to get caught on camera unexpectedly, use camera dots!

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