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Keep Your Paws Clean

Purple Wash Your Hands Sticker

                This is a light-hearted blog to bring you a different perspective to a serious matter. StickerTalk hopes the next time you wash your hands, you will smile and try one of the suggestions below to make this important exercise fun.                 When you were young, you were probably told several times a day, “Go […]

A Day To Remember Pooh Bear

                Most fictional stories are inspired by events or people in the author’s life. An example are the Winnie-the-Pooh stories by Alan Alexander Milne, better known as A. A. Milne. His son, Christopher Robin, had a menagerie of toy animals. His bear purchased at Harrods in London came with the name of Edward, but Christopher […]

Shake, Shake, Shake Your Boblehead!

Enjoy the Little Things Vinyl Sticker

National Bobblehead Day is established as an official National Observance Day to be celebrated annually each year on Jan. 7. It is a day of celebration for all spring-connected head bobbing figurines. Bobbleheads have been popular collectibles since the 20th century. With the use of plastic, mass production of bobbleheads was possible at a reasonable […]

Flying Pigs?

In the United States there is a FLYING PIG MARATHON that has been run in Cincinnati, Ohio, since 1997. In the 1800’s Cincinnati had the nickname “Porkopolis” because of the meat packing industry and all the stockyards there. During this time, pigs could be seen running through the downtown Cincinnati streets to the stockyards. In […]

Canada Day

July 1 is Canada Day.             On July 1, 1867, the United States northern neighbor, Canada, remembers the day when the British North America Act stated that Canada would become an independent dominion of England. The Act combined the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada province (which eventually was split into Ontario […]

Gone Fishing

Bass fishing has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Professional fishermen are no different than other sports professionals; they are constantly looking for the best gear they can afford. Just like there are numerous tennis rackets and golf clubs to choose from, there is a large selection of rods, lures, reels, lines, and electronic depth and fish-finding […]

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