What Is Your Favorite Color?

When someone asks you what your favorite color is, think before you answer. The color you name tells a lot about you, at least about your mood on that day. The color of the vehicle you drive, the colors of the rooms in your home, the color of the fabrics and furniture you surround yourself with, and the color of the clothes you wear do also.

            Take a minute and close your eyes. Now, envision yourself in one of these scenarios. You have an important event to attend tomorrow. You search through your closet for just the right outfit. You find it and separate it from other things so you can find it quickly tomorrow. Tomorrow arrives, you grab the outfit and say, “I can’t wear this.” A new day brings new emotions. You are in the local home improvement store shopping for paint colors for various rooms in your home. Before you decide, think about what emotions you want to feel in the room. The same principle applies when purchasing a vehicle. The colors you select for these purchases are governed by your emotions and your frame of mind at that time. That is why you might initially love a purchase and the next day or a week later, you wish you had selected a different color. If possible, avoid making an expensive purchase if you feel depressed or negative. That’s why people say never to buy a big budget item on impulse. Let’s look at some colors and learn what feeling and emotions people associate with them.

Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow stimulate.  Cool colors like blue, green, and purple relax.

            RED When you want to get attention and project an image of power and confidence, go with red. Red stirs up the feeling of excitement. It raises blood pressure, speeds respiration, and increases the heart rate.  

BLUE This color reflects stability, safety, dependability and trustworthiness. It has the opposite effect of red on blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. As red raises blood pressure, blue brings it down. It also slows respiration and slows the heart rate. Blue is a cool shade and causes calm and relaxed feelings.

            GREEN Nature lovers are drawn to shades of green.  Green is restful to the eyes. It is a great color for large areas as it has a calming effect and helps you to relax and relieve stress.

            YELLOW If you want to feel and want others to feel happy, cheery, energizing, and uplifting yellow is the color to select. When you think of sunshine, you think of yellow; they seem to go together.

            ORANGE If you want to arouse excitement and fill a room with energy go with orange. This is a color seen many times in corporate conference rooms.

            GRAY This is a great color for a subtle effect. Gray allows other colors used with it to be noticed and to standout as the main color. If you want to blend in and not be noticed at an event, wear gray.

            PURPLE To give the impression of luxury and sophistication select purple. Light purples are also restful.

WHITE  This is the color of perfection. White gives the feelings of safety, purity, goodness, and innocence.

            BLACK To be perceived as independent, confident, strong, elegant, and sophisticated go with the color black. It also gives an impression of authority and power.

 So, choose your colors carefully.




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