Just exactly what is a modern day farmer? What agrarian skills are necessary to be a successful farmer in today’s world of agriculture? Actually a farmer needs many skills that you may not have thought of attaching to his job description. For example, he needs to be a problem solver. A farmer must know how to make the right decision and react quickly whenever a problem arises or machinery breaks down. This may make a difference as to whether a crop is saved or not.

A farmer also needs to have mechanical skills, so that when a piece of equipment malfunctions, he can repair it himself, and not have the expense of hiring it done or waiting on someone else to fix it. A successful farmer manages his time wisely, and during times of off-season, he must be actively engaged in productive farm management so that his animals will be ready for market during peak season. He also needs to have good interpersonal relationships with other farmers and his community in order to negotiate the best deals for his crops, animals, and equipment. A farmer needs to be energetic, outgoing, motivated, and optimistic. He also needs to have a good working knowledge of when to plant crops, breeding cycles, and harvesting dates.

Just exactly what do farmers grow? That is largely dependent upon the location of the farm, the climate, and the types of soil that exist. Farmers grow a variety of grains, fruits, vegetables, animals, poultry, and livestock. There are many different kinds of farmers. Some are organic farmers who grow crops without using pesticides or other chemicals. Some are dairy farmers raising cattle for milk production or perhaps ranchers who raise beef cattle. There are also grain producers who raise wheat, barley, and rye, as well as other grains for market. Poultry farmers raise ducks, turkeys, geese, and chickens for America’s tables. However, there are many other types of farmers in the United States.

You may wonder, “Why do farmers get up at the crack of dawn and work 10-14 hrs per day?” Farmers love what they do; they love the land. They love taking care of the animals, and growing food to feed themselves and others. Simply put, ‘Farmers farm for the love of farming.’





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