Although handwritten letters are slightly making a comeback recently they are mostly a thing of the past. Nowadays most people text, virtually meet, or e-mail, but a long time ago people actually wrote on paper and sent it through the mail. Strange, right? Well, with the ancient ways of communication also came ancient ways of writing. A mysterious, beautiful telescope into the past that people did not even know they were creating and it is calligraphy and cursive writing! Calligraphy is a artistic way of writing. It consists of turning the letters in the alphabet into a work of art by adding swirls and different levels of thickness to letters. Calligraphy has been around since the former China Shang Dynasty. Through the years calligraphy has evolved and branched into different forms of calligraphy. Now there are three main types of calligraphy including Western, Arabic, and Oriental.  Cursive on the other hand is still an older style of writing that very few of the younger generations of today can read or write. This penmanship style consists of joined letters. Cursive is said to have climbed in popularity when a need for faster writing came into play due to the problems with writing with quills. Quill writing often ended up splattering ink or ended in the quill snapping and breaking apart. Due to this issue cursive was invented to make a fast writing style where the pen did not need to be lifted. This day in age the most popular form of writing is print and the art of cursive and calligraphy are slowly fading away. However, a few talented people still create works of art with the older techniques and will hopefully pass it on throughout generations to keep these old art forms alive.

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  1. Lillian Johnson says:

    Your knowledge and writing skills continue to amaze me. I see your vocabulary growing in every blog.

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