Fishing has been around for a very long time. Some people fish for food while others compete in competitive fishing championships. There are all different varieties of fish in the world, some weighing thousands of pounds and then there are others weighing a few measly grams. There is believed to be about 33,600 different species of fish discovered today. Some of the rarest fish include the kissing loach which has fewer than 800 in existence and lives around a few small islands near Japan. Another rare and unique fish is a red-hand fish. This type of fish has only about 80 individuals left in existence living in the waters of Tasmania. This amazing fish is quite interesting looking with its bright red color and its fin that are used to pull the fish across the sea floor. They lay their eggs at the bottom of seaweed which is one of the main causes for their low population because the eggs often get disrupted or eaten by animals passing through. These fish however are not really the type of fish that are caught when fishing. When fishing in freshwater some common types of fish caught are the catfish which is a grey color fish that does not have scales, but they have skin. They are named for the barbells on their face which resemble cat whiskers. Trout is another common freshwater fish to stumble upon while fishing. This fish has a beautiful scale pattern with colors ranging from yellow to pink sometimes even going into a little bit of a blue pattern. When saltwater fishing however it is more common to come across fish such as the red snapper, with radiant red scales covering its body, or perhaps a large tuna. The tuna fish can be as long as FIFTHTEEN feet long! That is almost as long as 200 acorns stacked up next to each other! While some people prefer saltwater fishing, others prefer freshwater, and then there are some that just like looking through a fish tank. Good luck catching that giant fish and HAPPY FISHING!,(220%20lb)%20in%20weight.

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