This year America will be celebrating the 79th Independence day celebration as a national holiday. However, Independence Day, also called the Fourth of July, has been celebrated since the 17th century which makes this coming holiday the 244th Fourth of July. The Fourth of July is an American holiday celebrating America’s independence from British rule. In 1776 on July Fourth America adopted the Declaration of Independence after fighting in the American revolution to free America from British control. Today America celebrates Independence day in many different ways. One way is with fireworks. Fireworks have been around for ages believed to be invented by the Chinese. The original fireworks are thought to be made of bamboo. When the bamboo stick was tossed into the fire it would explode and crackle. Nowadays fireworks can come in a plethora of colors and shapes. There are some fireworks that are small that release smoke and some that burst high in the sky creating colorful images of happy faces and hearts. Another common tradition is to have a barbecue with friends and family. People often cook briskets,hamburgers, ribs, or even hotdogs. In addition, many enjoy tasty treats like watermelons and popsicles. There are also many large parades that take place. Furthermore, many people plan vacations to the lake or beach to celebrate this national holiday. Some other unique traditions include bon fires, baseball games, and face painting. StickerTalk wishes you a happy Fourth of July with all your happy and unique traditions!,air%20pockets%20in%20the%20bamboo.

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